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Powering companies go to market with ambitious blockchain applications

Centralized Finance

Transform the future of finance with crypto trading, staking, custody and on/off-ramps solutions.

Decentralized Finance

Build DeFi applications, from AMM DEX, lending protocols, to non-custodial wallets.

Asset Tokenization

Unlock the power of tokenization for secure and efficient asset digitization of stablecoin, real estate, corporate stock.

Non-fungible Token

Explore the limitless possibilities of NFTs, offering NFT marketplace, NFT identity, and seamless NFT checkout experiences.

Build for growth

Expand your business with Saola expertise that unlocks the power of digital economy.

  • Stablecoin DeFi Dashboard
  • Centralized Exchange
  • Bitcoin Ordinals Wallet
  • Real Estate Tokenization
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Saola built a DeFi dashboard using open-source blockchain data to provide on-chain stablecoin TVL stats, metrics, and charts.

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Trusted by world-class builders

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Saola is leading the charge for 10x better blockchain development for enterprises and startups, which is something other dev shops in Vietnam have yet to be able to achieve.

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Khoa Ho

Founding Engineer / Tech Lead, Coinbase NFT

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Their full-stack engineer gave useful advice and led the frontend development of our security token platform on a tight timeline. Great communication and attention to detail.

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Dominic Niolu

CEO, Taro Finance

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The launch of stablecoin VeUSD was a great success, bringing VeChain ecosystem more DeFi activity. Buck's thoughtfulness and exceptional communication skills ensured seamless development and integration.

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Nan Yang

Operations Manager, VeChain


With great problem-solving and R&D skills, their engineering team was able to develop a non-custodial wallet in the immature Bitcoin ordinals ecosystem.

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Marcus Lee

Co-founder & CTO, XCS

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Founders can make or break a team. Having spent some time with Saola co-founders, I trust the team to deliver any blockchain projects.

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Mike Nguyen

Founder & CEO, Vinova

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